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for the smart home

Smart devices collect your data. Your smart TV, thermostat, security camera, they’re all monitoring what’s happening in your home. They know everything, from your financial info to your favorite cereal, all for your convenience. It’s pretty neat.

What’s even neater is keeping this data secure.

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The Everything Set box plugs into your WiFi network and constantly monitors the activity of all your devices, making sure they’re never over-sharing or talking to anyone else.

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Your devices are all secure and behaving normally

Private and Secure

We are committed to protecting everyone’s privacy. All collected data is anonymous and encrypted. To identify unusual activity, we monitor behavior patterns for each device.

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Unusual activity

One of your devices is talking to a site that can't be trusted. It's an easy fix - just unplug the device for one minute and then turn it back on again.


We’ll alert you the moment something strange happens. Instant alerts are sent directly to your phone when unusual activity is detected on any of your smart devices.

Early Access

We want to thank all early users of Everything Set. If you’d like to have intelligent security for the smart home, sign up below, and we’ll be in touch about providing you with an Everything Set box and complimentary use of our service for one year.

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A simple idea with a powerful core. Everything Set uses rich data sets, anonymized crowdsourced real-time data, and AI to precisely identify normal and abnormal behaviors for every smart device in your home. All packaged in one tiny box, backed by the cloud, and supported by the Everything Set app.

  • 2GB RAM
  • 64bit Quad Core
  • 16 GB Memory
  • 5V 3.0 A USB-C Power supply
  • 1 Gb Ethernet
  • End-to-end encryption
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